Product Demos

Casstor Software Solutions Product Demos

LogoColorNoTextAt Casstor Software Solutions, we appreciate that a picture’s worth a thousand words That’s why we developed a series of short product demonstration videos to allow you to quickly get up to speed on using our products. Check out some of the following videos to help you get started and to better understand some of the features available.

​Getting Started

In this video, we go over the basics of getting started with LogFilter.  We’ll demonstrate how to activate your copy of LogFilter and how to work with multiple logfiles including arranging multiple logfiles in a side by side arrangement or a over-under arrangement.

Basic Filtering

In this video, we go over how to perform basic filtering with LogFilter. We’ll show you how to define filters and apply them to a logfile. We also go over how to change the settings related to a filter, defining multiple filters for a logfile and how to copy and paste filter settings between logfiles. Finally, we show you how to save filter settings to an external filter file and then load the filter file at a later time.