For more than twenty years, we’ve been involved in designing, developing and debugging real-time software. Over this time, we’ve encountered numerous situations where it was necessary to wade through mountains of data in order to locate and identify the specific information that could pinpoint the source of a problem. Other times, we would work tirelessly trying to replicate an intermittent bug that could occur in as little as 20 minutes or possibly take several days to occur.  Frustrated by a lack of tools available in simplifying this process, Casstor Software Solutions was formed to address these problems. Our mission is to develop world class tools for developers, administrators and support personnel to simplify and streamline the debug process and help you to be more efficient in your job.

Check out our products below to start simplifying your debug process:

LogFilter Screen Shot
LogFilter – A logfile text editor with advanced filtering capability. Now available for FREE!
Event Notification Utility – Get Notified When User Defined Event Occurs.